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News Junkie Scott's Blog (07/19/04)


Now America accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack (

Regime change in Iran in Bush's sights (

Israel's plans for Iran strikes (thanks Liz):


Allawi accused of murdering detainees:

"...Thus far, no major American newspaper or television network has reported the allegations, which were considered credible enough to publish by two of Australia’s leading dailies and which, if substantiated, should result in the immediate arrest of Allawi on murder charges..."

Iraq "Prime Minister" Allawi is a Hard Man for a Tough Country (thanks Liz):

Media blackout of US labor opposition to Iraq war:

Americans accused of running private Afghan jail tell judge they have Defense Department links (thanks Liz):


The Hamdi case and the End of Habeas Corpus:


Is the US becoming a 'Nation of Snitches?':§ion=0&article=48514&d=18&m=7&y=2004


David Lindorf--Support from the NAACP, but a movement in shambles:

NAACP supports Mumia:


Greece to gas 15,000 stray dogs before Olympics:

Harpooned--The world's fight to save the whale (Rense):


Second editor killed in 10 days as fear grips Moscow (Rense):


Israel builds another wall (thanks Liz):


Surveillance targeted to convention (

"An unprecedented number of video cameras will be trained on Boston during the Democratic National Convention..."

Conservatives to protest anti-GOP protest (,1280,-4324812,00.html


Jews as cannon fodder for Zionists (Rense):


Life on Mars (Rense)?


Internal FOX memos reveal Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism (


Eric Blumrich responds to his critics (thanks Boris):


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