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Solidarity Demo

June 3rd

Baker Park Fountain

4:00 PM
In case you are interested in coming to Frederick for a day.

Potomac Earth First (Frederick WG)

is organizing solidarity demos in Frederick on

June 3rd.

Please meet up at The baker Park Fountain

at 4:00

Potomac Earth first! is protesting Michael baker corporation who is building section 5 of the I69 expansion and to show support to the people who
are trying to save their homes and show those who are resisting they are not alone.

10 reasons to oppose the I69

1) The new road in Indiana, in the latest estimate(April 2007), will cost
over $3.5 billion, a price which will only go up with the rising cost of
2) The state currently has only $750 million earmarked for I-69
construction, a fact that leads many to the conclusion that the state will
reinstate the idea
of toll road.
3)Over 400 families will be evicted from their homes along the 142 miles
route in Indiana alone (this number excludes families evicted in other
4) 7 ,000 acres of land will be paved over by construction of the
new-terrain I-69 and related development: 5,300 acres of farmland, 1,510
acres of forestland,
and 95 acres of wetlands. At least 400 acres of land containing karst
features (caves, sinkholes, underground streams) will be damaged or
5) The department of transportation’s own study shows that over 70% of
people in Indiana oppose the new road, while an independent study places
number in the 90’s, yet the governor is still pushing the project.
6) The proposed I-69 route in southwest Indiana will only save 10-14
minutes on a trip to Indianapolis in comparison to current routes.
7) The proposed highway, being part of a huge free trade infrastructure
plan, will bring thousands of new trucks and cars through southwest
Indiana each
day, further increasing air, land, and water pollution in an already
heavily polluted region.
8) I-69 cannot bring big industry to southwest Indiana, as its supporters
claim, because most counties in the area are already in non-atainment of
Clean Air Act laws.
9) I-69 already exists from the Michigan/Canada border to Indianapolis,
and serves as a major artery for international free trade between the U.S.
10) I-69 is part of the “NAFTA Superhighway” plan, which includes similar
infrastructure projects in South America (IIRSA), Central America and
Mexico (Plan Puebla-Panama), and Canada (Atlantica). It is meant to
provide multi-national corporations a more cost-effective

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