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Art Against War exhibit begins at MICA

The Art Against War show has begun in the lobby of the Brown Center at MICA, featuring paintings, prints and collages by Iraq veteran artists. Along with these are many anti-war and related pieces by local artists. See photos below for a glimpse, but come by and SEE IT YOURSELF! The lobby is open everyday until 9:00 PM.
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The main event and AUCTION begins at 12:00 Noon on Sunday, April 27th. Iraq veteran artists Aaron Hughes, Drew Cameron, and Jon Turner will be in town to speak, read poetry, and discuss their work and their experiences transferring their experiences into art. Most of the work will be auctioned off, with all the money going to Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Many of the artists will also be present, along with members of IVAW and local folk artist Ryan Harvey.

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ART AGAINST WAR - Show & Auction for Iraq Veterans Artists

For one week the artwork of Iraq-war veterans and local artists will be on display for auction at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Auction proceeds will benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).

Show: April 21-27
Auction: April 27th, 12:00 NOON
Where: MICA, Brown Center, Leidy Atrium; Baltimore, MD

IVAW is one of the most important anti-war voices in the peace movement. Their Web site features profiles and comments from many Iraq veterans now opposed to the ongoing Iraq-U.S. war.

This event will facilitate communication through art as a means to empower Iraq veterans and members of the community to take a stand against war.

Two members of the Vermont chapter of IVAW, Drew Cameron and Jon Turner, will be present to display their work and read poetry from the Warrior Writers collection. They will also hold a workshop on the process of turning combat fatigues into paper in conjunction with the Combat Paper Project (

There will also be music performed by local folk artist Ryan Harvey and members of local IVAW chapters will be present.

Please join us in taking another step towards ending this occupation, and supporting Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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