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Join the ROADTRIP FOR RELIEF to New Orleans Nov 20 - 27!

from flyer:

"The Gulf Coast has been devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita...Despite the overwhelming destruction, hope is not lost. WE WILL REBUILD.
But without massive and immediate support, this land will be snatched up and gentrified before residents can even return. It's happening already!

The Common Ground Collective is fighting to empower the people of New Orleans to preserve their history, their culture, and their homes and livelihoods.

Join the Roadtrip for Relief, a nation-wide caravan of activists, allies, and returning evacuees, converging in New Orleans for the immense rebuilding project. The Common Ground Collective, volunteers and community members will work together from November 20th to November 27th.

Shovels and hammers in hand, we will charge to the streets ready to rebuild this city even stronger than before.


Common Ground Collective

331 Atlantic Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114

504-339-5885 504-368-6897 for more info and please download and distro the flyer ASAP (remember, always shrink for leaflets and enlarge as much as allowed for posters!). Its really got some killer artwork.

For something neat, be sure to click onto the two "Continue reading..." links and compare how the supply list has grown since their first call a month ago; what structure, seems these folks have really got it going on!

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