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Peer 2 Peer Youth Enterprises Launches Hunger Strike

On a sunny afternoon in Downtown Baltimore, the Inner Harbor was bustling with seasonal tourists, happy hour enthusiasts, and Friday's rush hour traffic. Amidst all of this, students, teachers, and education advocates assembled in front of the Harbor's amphitheater to address an issue they feel is essential to the future and survival of Baltimore City youth.

On Friday, May 30th, Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Youth Enterprises, a coalition of approximately 20 local youth organizations marched to the Legg Mason building on Pratt and St. Paul Streets to let their voices be heard and to announce a hunger strike to commence that evening. For about a month, P2P have been engaging in activities from workshops to camp-outs in front of City Hall to protest Mayor Sheila Dixon's refusal to appropriate $3 million in funds which would create knowledge based jobs for 700-1000 young people in the P2P network.

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