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Students HUNGER STRIKE for $3 million for Peer to Peer

Students will HUNGER STRIKE starting May 30^th, 2008 if the Mayor does not add $3million into the Budget for Peer-to-Peer Youth Enterprises.

The Starting location is the Amphitheater 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 30th . Demonstrators will then march to the base of the Legg Mason building 100 Light St. (on the corner of Light St. and Pratt St.) where the hunger strikers will be stationed.

We no longer accept officials denying responsibility for the well-being of Baltimore's youth. All responsible officials should come together until funding is found for youth jobs in the knowledge-based economy.

We demand that 3 million dollars be added to the City's budget to fund Peer-to-Peer Youth Enterprises.



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