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5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19

On March 19, antiwar protesters hammered War profiteer's Row in the K st area in DC along with blockades at the IRS and paint bombs at a military recruiter. The morning started off a little slow, with 30+ arrested from traditional non-violent CD. Activists said there wasn't enough people at first, but as the day went on, way more people showed and succeeded in a couple serious blockades, roving tours visiting warmongers, a demonstration of waterboarding in front of the White House, and several mini stoppages of the daily business of downtown DC.

Morning Picts from M19
Connecticut and K blockaded-been holding an hour
Images: Street Blockcade @ 17th and K
Paint bombs hammer Bechtel, Recruiter
WSQT coverage of March 19 protests
Photos from March of the Dead, arrests by US Capitol
Photos from M19 —- Afternoon —-
Photo From Caterpillar Die-In Today at About 1pm (Palestine Action)
This was the best protest I've ever been to.
street arrest, March 2008
Adam Kokesh Demands Impeachment



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